Gender based violence

Gender Based Violence is a hegemonic phenomenon deeply rooted in patriarchy. It has taken various forms from physical, sexual to verbal, psychological and emotional abuse. It has left an indelible mark even while the world had been reeling under the devastating effects of COVID. It has now been termed as “Shadow Pandemic” as emerging data shows that since the outbreak of COVID, all types of violence against women, particularly domestic violence has manifested and intensified due to unemployment, economic instability and stress.

Therefore, UNHCR has initiated GBV programming and Risk Mitigation strategies identifying it as a global crisis. We at Ladli Foundation USA aim to escalate awareness regarding the same while providing a secure space for the upliftment of women of USA through our women development programs under sustainable living like conducting mental health sessions, yoga, meditation etc. We do believe in fighting for women’s rights. However, the victims ought to be taken care of too which is a more complex management.


Sustainable living matured as a concept as the society woke up to the reality of rapid exhaustion of earth’s resources in day-to-day activities by an imprudent generation. Nevertheless, institutions worldwide have been holding on to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) agenda of 2030 without realising that sustainability is just another pen on paper idea which is yet to be transformed and placed reasonably in daily lives of the human population.

Keeping this as our roadmap, we at Ladli Foundation USA seek to achieve sustainable living through our numerous projects like yoga, meditation etc., to name a few. Being an India-based Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), we embrace our age-old, glorious traditions and hence, believe that in employing Vedic techniques, we would be able to conquer over the practices which are dismantling our ecology. Thus, leading to sustainable living, which is aptly called as “Net Zero Living”.

We understand it to be the need of the hour, especially in the backdrop of collapsing world economies due to COVID-19.

Post-COVID Resilience

COVID has taken hold of more than the human population has ever managed to attain through Sustainable Development. Not a single individual has been barred by its social, economic or mental impact. Hence, it has become imperative for the entire world to come together and share their ancient yet scientifically effective traditions which have been culturally influenced since time immemorial.

India is known for its Upanishads and Vedas. We at Ladli Foundation USA seek to incorporate our traditional and conventional remedies and exercises which have the potential to put a furious mind in tranquillity, heal emotional trauma, increase immunity, restore health and bring all the bereaved back on track. Our entire human race needs to gear up with alternative methodologies to face all the challenges that this new post-COVID world would impose. Indian traditions might not be modern; however, they would serve without failure because it exhibits non-exhaustive capabilities.

Hence, even in India, people have commenced to pay to heed to yoga and meditation. These were recorded as top activities among Indians during the pandemic. Australian subcontinent too adopted it in 2020. Thus, it would leave a great impact on the citizens of USA, especially, women and children, if the proponents of the concept were to teach.

Our sessions on yoga can induce the same amount of serotonin level as the medicines but as an informed human being now, what would you opt for? Think about it.