Ladli USA’s main mission and objective is to focus on three major arenas of work, namely- Gender-based Violence, Post-Covid Resilience and Sustainable Living.

We at Ladli Foundation, have created a system of work and implementation of various well-rounded strategies for working extensively and thoroughly in the mentioned issues of concern. Our Projects have been created on the three-fold structure of ISSUE-ACTION-IMPACT, so as to delve deep in the root causes of the issues at hand, to formulate strategies to address them adequately and to assess the positive impact being made by our work.

Our three Projects- Yoga, Mental Health Sessions and Meditation, have been specifically created to address the three objectives of our mission. We aim to help strengthen and create a safer environment for Gender-based Violence survivors, to create a strong and resilient Post-Covid society and to create a path for sustainable living through cultural and traditional practices. It is here that our three projects and the role they will play in achieving these goals come into focus:


Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that has sustained and become increasingly revered all around the world as time has passed by. The word Yoga has been derived from the Sanskrit word “yuji,” meaning yoke or union, yoga is an ancient practice that brings together mind and body. Yoga creates and focuses on not just one aspect of a person’s well-being. Instead, it inculcates an all-encompassing wholesome outlook towards betterment of an individual and consequently the society and world itself.

Yoga incorporates both the physical as well as the mental aspect of creating a balanced existence.

Yoga is based on several principles of being, which guide it fundamentally:

Yoga also helps in increasing the levels of Beta Endorphin Hormone release from the brain which not only gives one a sense of well-being, but also improves immunity and prevents infections in the future.

Yoga is therefore a collection of physical, mental, emotional as well as spiritual experiences- all of which are designed to lead an individual to a more positive, happier, balanced and content life.

By implementing Yoga in our work, we not only help our target communities in physical betterment, but also in creating safe and positive spaces for overall betterment of GBV survivors, and of creating a sustainable lifestyle especially in the Post-Covid scenario.


Meditation is intricately linked with Yoga and is a product of ancient Indian practices. In fact, “Dhyanna” or the “positive mindful focus on the present”, is what meditation represents. The difference between Yoga and Meditation is the while Yoga is a broader sphere of activities and includes within itself physical activities, meditation on the other hand, is wholly a mental, psychological, and spiritual activity.

While meditation is a mental and spiritual activity and experience, it’s impact is not limited to mental well-being alone as it has immense physical benefits as well.

When interacting with GBV survivors, with people in living in Post-Covid world, as well as aiming towards a balanced and sustainable lifestyle, the role of Meditation takes center-stage in our work. Through meditation we create a platform of ‘total well-being’, i.e., to help people overcome the physical as well as mental and emotional traumas; to assist them in creating stronger, more aware, and more positive versions of themselves which will then help them lead well-rounded and beneficial lives ahead.


Mental Health is an extraordinarily complex issue today. While on one hand there is a supposed increase in awareness regarding mental health nowadays, yet there seems to be a linear and singular approach towards mental health. There is a massive lack of knowledge and awareness about how mental health can not only help in betterment of lives of those through psychotherapy, but also how it can play a very central role in overall lifestyle change and creating a better suited-sustainable world for all.

Through our mental health sessions, we focus on spreading awareness, sensitization, counselling and creating programs for mental as well as physical benefit of our participants.

Through these sessions we impart knowledge as well as techniques that will help people in to change self-destructive behaviors and actions, to understand their own emotions and have control over them, to understand their past and heal from emotional as well as physical pain and traumas, to better one’s interpersonal skills and interactions, to build one’s confidence and strength.

The impact of mental health sessions is not limited to an individual in a specific time alone. This project helps individuals in becoming the best versions of themselves, for not only their own benefit, but also the benefit of everyone. Their bonds with positive family and friends get strengthened, their confidence levels increase, and they are able to break the cycle of detriment and pain that they have gone through.

The stress, pain, anxiety, and trauma that GBV survivors go through, as well as what people all around the world have gone through as an aftermath of Covid-19, is genuinely concerning. The mental health sessions help people in addressing these issues, and in creating massive positive changes in their lives. Well-rounded individuals then go on to lead well-rounded positive lives for a better world.