Voltour - Experience Humanity

Voltour is a unique volunteering initiative for enthusiastic young minds from the global community to explore grassroots realities and work to uplift the vulnerable and marginalized section of society and achieve the Global Goals. Voltour is specially designed to motivate masses to perform Nobel deeds and directly act upon need-based interventions for community welfare. It is a certificate and reward-based program that enables young minds to learn and earn with field-based knowledge, administrative skills, management & planning through action research projects concerning UN Sustainable Goals.

It aims to enhance in-depth knowledge, Inner development, and leadership qualities of youth by involving them in charity and philanthropic work to experience humanity and pleasure for doing something good. It also envisions creating a community of young social reformers to bring a reformative change in the society by making a Chain of Changemakers.

The Organisation is in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council since- 2020. Its accreditation with United Nations and international presence enables access to networking and innovation exchange platforms for global youth populations. It also encourages to uphold the practice of social entrepreneurship for the community's overall development and advancement of sustainable living.


Medals, Certificates & Cash Rewards

Mental Satisfaction and enhancing positivity within yourself are the most significant medals that anyone can earn. In addition to that, what if you get some rewards and recognisation too..Isn’t amazing?

The voltour will certify your kind efforts to contribute to the community welfare. Because you deserve ,Yes !

We will select 5 inspiring activities daily, the same will be featured on the voltour timeline as “Activity of the day” with a view to motivate other people like you. Every featured activity will be awarded one “Bronze Medal & Volunteering Certificate digitally”. Hard copy for same along with organization seal can be received by verifying your identity with a request letter. (Nominal Printing & Courier charges will be paid by the applicant for Hard Copy Certificate)

Different levels and categories are designed to encourage for performing a maximum number of activities s by any individual. The more you inspire, the more you’ll have rewards. Earning the maximum medals will upgrade the Medals' category and give an opportunity to win Cash Rewards, Media Publicity, and Govt. Recognition and Nominations for National & International Awards.

Silver Medal – On every 5 Bronze Medals, You will be awarded 1 Silver Medal & commendation Certificate, and Your Story will be Published with our Media Partners & Social Media Pages.

Gold Medal – On every 5 Silver Medals, You will be awarded 1 Gold Medal, Cash reward of 21000/- Rupees, Certificate for Outstanding Achievements, Story will be Published with our Media Partners & Social Media Pages, A Letter of Recommendation & Nomination for National Award in the respective category.

Platinum Medal – On every 5 Gold Medals You will be awarded 1 Platinum Medal, Cash reward of 51000/- Rupees, Momento for Extra- Ordinary achievements, Felicitation by Hon'ble Union Minister of Govt. of India, With wide Media Publicity A Letter of Recommendation & Nomination for National and International Award in the respective category.

Cash Rewards

Each winner of the Gold Medal & Platinum Medal will be given a cash Reward of Rs.21000/- and Rs.51000/- respectively.

National & International Awards

Each winner of the Gold Medal & Platinum Medal will be Nominated for International & National Awards such as International Diana Award, National Youth Award, UN SDG Awards, etc., on behalf of, World Youth Forum, National Youth Awardees Federation of India &Ladli Foundation Trust India and Its USA Entity.

Govt. Recognitions

Our Monthly Newsletters & reports and Communication with Govt. will Share the Outstanding work done by Volunteers awarded with Silver Medals and Above. Their name will also be proposed for the Govt. Rewards and Appreciation by Govt. Departments, District Administrations & Police Department. Sounds great, right !

Media Recognition

Stories of Silver Medal winners & above will be given wide media publicity through exclusive articles, blogs, biography, and activity posts with our media partners & Social Media Pages as per respective categories. You Inspire, We’ll Share!

Learn Volunteering

Voltour also provides a cool platform for freshers to learn volunteering by involving them in the successful and recognized action research social initiatives. It offers step-by-step instruction and guidance of recognized and international and national award winner social engineers.


Internships at Ladli can be a golden opportunity for you, if you are willing to explore ground realities and come out of your comfort zone. Learning and absorbing will be a part of the process, but we want you to take back a bag full of positivity and empathy for a lifetime. If you are open-minded, carry a positive attitude, and tons of excitement to learn and drive with pride, then you are welcome to be a part of this unforgettable journey.

How to Involve as an Intern


We have some interesting fellowships for youngsters too ! Enthusiastic volunteers who wish to work at the grass-roots level to learn about alarming issues concerning the plight of the slum-dwelling population are welcomed to join these dynamic fellowships to enable basic health, education, personal hygiene, etc. overall well-being. So come out of your comfort zone and get ready for a whole new lifetime experience.

Tenure of fellowship

SAHELI- A Women Health Fellowship

As we all know that Women from underprivileged families belong to the lowest social order. Therefore, women still have no right over their personal decisions. Most of them don’t have basic feminine hygiene reproductive healthcare ideas

Women in the underprivileged sector are susceptible to several health issues, such as anemia, unwanted pregnancies, and UTI STD, STIS, cancer, and HIV affecting their mental health as well. The program will focus on sensitization on the issues mentioned above. It aims to build a community of female volunteers with the required skills that need to be circulated to ensure primary healthcare knowledge to women deprived of it.

Selected fellows will be provided with intensive training on sensitive and alarming women's health issues by health experts weekly, making the fellows a source of knowledge for local communities helping them ensuring their well-being.

Further, fellows will sensitize the females in their nearby slums about the given issues as per the training provided for the same.

The fellowship aims at nurturing young females to become health felicitations for women residing in slums and other backward areas.


Let's be more than an online tweet. Let’s go to deep and get knowledge from ground realities ! Be a part of our specialized action research program and get a chance for academic growth , enhancing your knowledge and strengthen your resume for career opportunities.

You’ll get to learn and get inhand knowledge about issues like Status of Women, Plight of Slum women, Impact of Covid 19 Pandemic on Labourers, women, LGBTQ communities, sex workers, domestic workers, and person with disabilities (each one) Youth Substance Abuse and Crimes etc through your research.

Campus Ambassador

If you are young and Enthusiastic, you can contribute to expand our network of voltour and handle day-to-day affairs at the campus level. As a Campus Ambassador, you are expected to promote Volture/ Laadli foundation publicly. This includes but is not limited to promoting these things offline as well as on social media channels, PR, Quora, emailers and all promotional material in a attractive way.

District Convener

It's easy to play safe. But we believe in taking concrete action to solve some of the most pressing issues of our time. If you agree with us and have the leadership quality ,you can join us as Social workers to serve for cause and community leaders to lead expand the network of Ladli & voltour in your own district. You can also make an independent district unit and get a chance to replicate or run our ongoing initiatives. Let's be part of something bigger. Let's unite, organise and seek definite solutions.

CSR Partner / Grantor

As you might be aware, India is the first country in the world to mandate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) spending, through a statutory provision under the Companies Law 2013. This will ensure a gradual shift from the traditional charity model to a more strategic CSR model that fits in with the long term objectives of companies. This can be excellent opportunity to corporate and grantsagencies to provide hands for a cause and also to build a network with us for dealing with social responsibility opportunities. So be a part of our Initiative by supporting and help us a build a better society .

Also to all the celebrities and social media influencers out there, helping for a cause it always amazing, isn’t it! Be a true role model as lots of people follow you as inspiration, You have the capacity to attract young generation to do something really amazing for society, so join your hands with us .

And yes, We give ‘Shout out’ to everyone who contribute in our journey !