India is a country which is holding on to most of its orthodox and traditional menstrual practices. While transcending these taboos and sensitizing women on menstrual hygiene, the world along with India was bereaved by COVID. In such a grave situation, it has become imperative to educate women, break the social boundaries related to menstruation and providing no cost menstrual products to homeless, and the underprivileged women.

This is a problem every country is fighting against; India being hit the hardest is fighting most severely. So we would like to appeal all the USA citizens to contribute in the following ways:

  1. Register as our volunteer and you can make a difference in narrowing down the disparity.

  2. Connect us with organizations who can provide us with menstrual products at zero cost.

  3. Make monetary donations whose contributions will be verified to the donor.

  4. Spread the word.

  5. Provide us with menstrual products with as much as your pocket permits.

  6. Host a drive in USA and connect with our organization for the export of products or finances collected.