Let’s make an ensemble of Indian scientific traditional practices and USA’s mental health professionals.


COVID has taken hold of more than the human population has ever managed to attain through Sustainable Development. Not a single individual has been barred by its social, economic or mental impact. Hence, it has become imperative for the entire world to come together and share their ancient yet scientifically effective traditions which have been culturally influenced since time immemorial.


By implementing YOGA and Meditation Camps and Webinars- a collection of physical, mental, emotional as well as spiritual experiences- all of which are designed to lead an individual to a more positive, happier, balanced and content life.

We would like to invite all the mental health professionals residing in USA and translate people’s lack of knowledge, frustration, post covid anxieties due to sundry reasons to a flourishing mental ground in a sustainable manner through your expertise.


The idea behind initiating Post- COVID Resilience drive is to gradually restore mental health of the entire generation affected by COVID-19. India is known for its Upanishads and Vedas. We seek to incorporate our traditional and conventional remedies and exercises which have the potential to put a furious mind in tranquillity, heal emotional trauma, increase immunity, restore health and bring all the bereaved back on track. People have commenced to pay to heed to yoga and meditation. These were recorded as top activities among Indians during the pandemic. Australian subcontinent too adopted it in 2020. Thus, it would leave a great impact on the citizens of USA, especially, women and children, if the proponents of the concept were to teach.

This is the need of the hour. By providing these services we tend to narrow down the disparity between various income groups because not all can hire a mental health professional for their personal needs. While maximum of the population is not a part of FORBES magazine but a part of middle to lower income group. Hence, our initiative is intended to reach the larger population and make a necessary difference.

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