LADLI FOUNDATION is one such organizations whose motto is to develop our society in different ways. This organization operating from Delhi helps for the betterment of women. There is still discrimination against girls in many states in India . With the aim of ending discrimination against girl child , this foundation has been started in 2012 by a True hero Mr. Devendra Kumar. He is an internationally recognized social reformer and a national awardee who have changed many lives of poor people living in the slum areas. Devendra Kumar was born a high- crime prone slum of Delhi where he started his journey when he was left by his parents with his infant sister . At the age of 8, he started working as a child laborer and started selling balloons . He worked as an aide at a clinic for just 4 US dollars per month for his survival. He continued his education in a Charitable School. While selling balloons , he was brutally beaten up by a group of drug addicts. In 2010 , his struggle with a dowry for his sister's wedding led him to found Ladli Foundation. Ladli scheme has been started to spread awareness about the safety of girls .This includes works like providing education to poor girls and getting 50 poor girls married in a small age and bearing all the expenses involved. Ladli foundation have taken many initiatives for unprivileged and illiterate women and children who are living in slum areas. This foundation is created to make society for developing in every field. Ladli scheme has been started to spread awareness about the safety and importance of girls. Along with it , the Ladli scheme has been started with the aim of increasing the trend of registering girl child after her birth and promoting the education of girl child. This organization also contribute to those women who have skills and talents by making homemade crafts and food items. By this, the organization helps to take the products to the market. There are certain many privileges which are given by Ladli Foundation:- 1. To provide education to poor girls, getting 50 poor girls married in a year and includes all work like bearing all the expenses . 2. Preventive and Primary healthcare is given to the needed ones. 3. Education and skill development is practiced for the children who cannot afford school fees. 4. Making campaigns and providing all the necessities to the poor people. This was spread among millions through media and it was praised by our honorable Home Minister of India Sh. Rajnath Singh. There were many initiatives taken by Ladli Foundation:- 1. Foundation have diagnosed nearly 57,000 girls and women in the country at various locations. 2. Used to approach and sensitize the affected women to counsel and educate them. 3. Under Ladli Foundation's Scheme initiative, they sensitize both mother and daughter because there is no barrier for discussions related to any such issues faced by a girl. Equally, it aims to create awareness among the global community about the significance of scientifically proven Indian traditional practices for advancing sustainable living for achieving United Nations sustainable development goals.