Devendra Kumar is a social reformer noted for his diverse approach to empower the oppressed and disadvantaged. During the 65th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women, he was acknowledged by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres for raising his voice to highlight the agenda of women's health and the elimination of child marriages in developing countries. Because the emergence of substance abuse is multifactorial, the approach he took to combat it was unique; he involved young boys who were abusing substances in sports and made them attend motivational sessions, which helped transform the young minds; as a result, he was awarded the National Youth Award 2013 by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India. He also assisted in the liberation of thousands of women and young girls from sexual abuse and exploitation, empowering them to become self-sufficient. His efforts to build a strong female community extend to the United States, where the unit oversees matters such as GBV survivors and creates opportunities for them. As a supporter of gender equality, he is creative in his approach to raising awareness about gender-based violence in various communities and assisting the needy and troubled through relief projects. Many people are inspired by his life story, Chhotu (Child Labor to National Award Winner).

His journey can be seen in this short video clip