Arti Dhir : I have been in Aviation managing Airport Operations and Customer Service for United Airlines for 14 years in New Jersey USA. As a manager leading a team of over one hundred employees and countless passengers I can say I am in the "people" business.

My journey has included being a Yoga Alliance trained Yoga and meditation teacher. I was able to create meditation workshops for Management and employees enhancing wellbeing in the work environment. In the Yogic traditions I was initiated in "Sri Vidya Upasana" which is a transformative internal practice from the lineage of Adi Shankaracharya. I have created wellness workshops for many years which reach a diverse and tangible change in society, geared towards upliftment of women.

I am certified advocate for "Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse". It is my belief that holistic practices combined with grassroot knowledge of social issues can lead to a more comprehensive healing for domestic violence, gender based violence and sexual abuse survivors.

An aviation job gave me the opportunity to come back to India frequently. I stayed connected to my roots and being an army officer's daughter patriotic was a natural calling leading to me to leave my six figure salary to dedicate my life to the upliftment of the underprivileged. I had been volunteering for many years in different organizations and was fortunate to join hands with Devendra Kumar's "Ladli Foundation Trust" in 2020.

Heading the USA chapter for the Ladli Foundation with our main function being liaison with the United Nations for the unique South East Asian womens challenges has brought Devendra Kumar's "Ladli Foundation Trust's" extensive work in India to the forefront.

Ladli Foundation USA will be creating new pathways of holistic healing with ancient Indian practices of Yoga and meditation for gender based violence survivors in the United States in our bright future.


Satyadarshi Pattanaik ( SD ) is a highly experienced and results-driven person having exceptional People’s management skills. He has earned more than 34 years of development sector experience in Strategic planning and Operations including international experience to his credit.

He is acknowledged for his profound knowledge on Organization effectiveness, System strengthening, Process optimization, Supply chain management, Risk mitigation, Project cycle management, Policy development, Legal expertise and Material management.

He is a strategic planner and astute leader having excellent management skills with ability to motivate people during organizational change process. SD has demonstrated higher level leadership quality in handling most complex disaster / humanitarian responses in India and outside. He is apt in managing Government and Corporate relationship and also firm at building relationship with civil society organizations for transformational changes in the life of the poor and marginalised on the ground.

He is known for his passion for integrating technology into program streams and using cost efficient models for achieving big results. He has significantly contributed to the development and delivery of organizational strategic directions by being part of several mission level leadership teams and played key roles in advancing the mission priorities.


Amit Yadav is a versatile young entrepreneur; he was born in Delhi and started his career working with McDonald's in 2003. As a founding member of Ladli Foundation Trust, India, his mobilization and management expertise have played an important role in implementing all the initiatives at the grassroots level. After his 10 years of continued service with McDonald's, he migrated to Canada as General Manager in KFC in 2013. His routine visits and constant guidance has played a vital role in the overall growth of the organization. Having vast experience in sales and distribution, Now has developed himself as a successful young entrepreneur and running his own sales and distribution business in Edmonton.

His passion for creating a more enormous impact in society engaged him in welfare activities.